I haven’t seen Rihanna’s nudes on my dash and that makes me feel like I’m following the right people

why do people publish asks people send them off anon like I don’t wanna read your conversation hit private stop trying to show that you get asks


when you think your period is over but you’re not really sure so you’re still wearing pads on the 6/7 day just incase eventhough its extremely uncomfortable and kinda gross »> the beatles


This shit would scare the crap out of me


This shit would scare the crap out of me


lol where are those ppl that were defending jlaw’s leaked nudes to the death…it’s funny how it’s somehow different when it’s rihanna…

I like wearing watches even though I never look at them for the time I still just look at my phone

#is that weird

*jerks off to fake liam nudes because liam petty won’t post his*

fake deep tumblr post: drink 8 gallons of water....eat mangoes so ur snatch smells good....eliminate 1 toxic friend a day...and your life will be fixed =)